Monday, April 16, 2012

Pureclinica Product Review

I have been using 2 products from the Pureclinica line for just about 2 months. I wanted to give you an update on my progress.

Pureclinica is a product from the UK. Pureclinica started in 2005 and began as a family run company. You can "meet" some of the team members on the Purclinica team here.

The 1st product I chose is called Tummy Tuck. 1 bottle of the Tummy Tuck is said to last 12 weeks [4 months] when used properly. While using this product, and with exercising and some better nutrition on my part, I have seen almost a 1/2 inch decrease in my belly area. The product states that you could lose up 1 inch while using the product during the 12 weeks. I am hoping to acheive that full 1 inch loss.

Full Product Description:
This product is ask in care product created by BABTAC registered leading skincare experts that lifts and firms the tummy region, reduces the waistline and reduces stretchmarks and wrinkles. High concentrations of Wheat protein, caffeine, fig extract, and pomegranate extract tighten, smooth and firm the area while clinically proven patented peptides reduce cellulite by up to 30%, reduces indentations by over 55% within just 4 weeks, give up to a 52% reduction in length of stretch marks, and wrinkles and skin elasticity is improved by over 60%.
Tummy Tuck is a revolutionary product designed improve the appearance of the abdominal area.The ingredients have been studied extensively and the results are well documented in clinical journals. Tummy Tuck was formulated in 2011 to be the strongest product available.

Buy It £39.99 -50ml (Approximately 12 weeks supply)

The 2nd product I have been using is the Body Sculpt and Intensive toning concentrate.
This again is a lotion that I have been using it on my arms legs, hips, and tummy. This product is supposed to help tighten the skin. I am going to concentrate more on my arms with it in the coming weeks.

Description of Product:
This product is an all over skin toning concentrate packed with patented peptides, wheat protein extract, fig extract, pomegranate extract, caffeine Triple weight Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. The natural extracts from Wheat protein, fig, and pomegranate combined with the caffeine help to tighten and tone the skin all over by reducing the fatty deposits beneath it, as though your skin is getting a workout. The patented peptides rebuild the collagen and elastin fibres beneath the surface making skin firmer, less wrinkled and looking smoother on the surface. They also help to even the skin tone and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars by reducing hyper-pigmentation.Formulated by BABTAC registered leading skincare experts, Body Sculpt was created using only ingredients with well documented clinical trials and published results to ensure it lives up to it's promises.

Buy It £39.99 -50ml (Approximately 16 weeks supply)

 Here is my video review of the product

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  1. sounds like a product with great promise I have some problem areas myself and I really need to excercise

  2. You can check the ingredients as well. This is one way to examine its contents.


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