Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun in the Sun at Honeymoon Island

We live in a wonderful location for beaches.
Clearwater beaches are renowned for white sand and tons to do...

While I have lived here in Palm Harbor for more than 13 years, I have never ventured out to Honeymoon Island State Park.

The beaches at Honeymoon Island State Park stretches for around 4 miles. We headed to the North Beach area and arrived just after 9am so the parking was amazing and
there were not too many people. That quickly changed...

There is more than just beaches at Honeymoon Island State Park, such as an interactive nature area, kayak and you can ferry over to beautiful Caladesi Island.

The last time we went to a beach, my youngest son was only a few months old and my now 6 yo disliked the sand. This was NOT the case today.

After getting things set up and sunscreen applied, the boys and my friend's girls, headed out to the water. It was -initially- cold but once you get about knee deep, the cold wears off and with the sun shining brightly, the water begins to feel really nice!

We stayed about 2.5 hours and after consideration and contemplating the cost per visit (the State Park actually charges admission, ours was $8.00 for our vehicle of 2 adults, and 5 children), I decided to purchase a year long family pass. This will allow us entrance without charge (up to 8 people over the age of 6). It also includes the beautiful sunset times, which I hope to maybe take the family out to the beach for a wonderful sunset this summer.

If you are ever in Pinellas County, in the Dunedin area, I would recommend heading out to this beautiful beach!


  1. It's so hot in my part of the world that I'm just dreaming of cool blue seas and gorgeous sandy beaches!

  2. It looks beautiful. We don't have any beaches around here. I can't believe they charge you though! I would still like to go though one of these days.

  3. How lovely. Living in Florida for a few years I was able to go to many beaches on both coasts. There are so many beautiful ones to see. I haven't heard of Honeymoon Island State Park but I will look into it on our next visit to Fla. Thanks:)

  4. I wish I lived closer to a beach. Pinned this to the beaches I want to visit! :)


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