Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coping when nervous can be good or bad. How do you do it? #NabloPoMo

When your nervous, how do you cope?
Some people clean, maybe bite their nails, or eat..
I would be that last one.
The eater..

When I'm nervous, sad, anxious..  i eat.
It explains my weight of course.

I need to change my course of action, to be healthier, thinner.

Of course, I hide this from my kids, I know better than to let them see me do this.
I want them to be healthier than I.

I saw my mom do it, the vicious cycle needs to stop.

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  1. Good luck! It can be a hard cycle to break. I have found that I eat less junk food when I have less junk food at my house; I open the cupboard and if I don't see anything that I can easily grab to munch on, then I don't munch! Or try eating healthy instead of junk. Sorry I don't have any better tips.


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