Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do you dread beginning new projects? #NabloPoMo

How do you feel about the prospect of a new project?

Are you apprehensive with Home Improvement? Do you cringe when someone says "I was thinking about starting ....."

There are projects I loathe ans some I am down right excited about.

Go crafty on me and give me the time (ha, with 3 active boys, right), and I am there !!!

Home Improvement... Depends on the task at hand.
We began a kitchen project.. I was excited at first.

Then hubby couldn't stand the cabinets and the counters so "off balance"
so another project was added.

We used a Rustoleum kit for our cabinets. One section done, then a week (or 3) break, then another section in a speed session on the weekend.

Do you have any idea how crazy it its to put your kitchen out of commission with children constantly in and out of it?
We tried to get motivated to do things after the boys went to bed, but we lost steam.

I made a promise to my hubby.. I would complete the kitchen fully before the end of the school year!
Why did I promise this again? Why am I doing this alone?

But I did it, I finished.. After several months at looking at a have finished kitchen,
last night, we rehung the last 2 doors..

And the School year ends on Thursday.. Whew, I finished this project just in the nick of time!

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