Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am just so angry with Home Depot !

I am going to preface this vent by saying that I did send this to corporate and am sending this to several other outlets. I am appalled by the lack in intelligence exhibited today. I generally do not vent my frustrations but this just really really got me today !

I apologize in advance if my rant offends any one, any employee of Home Depot or otherwise

For a month our weedeater has had issues starting. On June10th, The red trimmer lines kept spitting out of the head. My husband replaced then 3 times. I have personally replaced them at least 1 time in the 3 months we had this in our possession and have never had issues.

When I dropped off the weed eater, I was told that if the weed eater could not be fixed it would be sent away for 4-6 weeks. I was then told that there could be a charge. I told them with the warranty and an extended warranty; purchased on the same original receipt, if it could not be done at no charge, then they should not fix it.

I left the weed eater at the store and was told I would receive a call within the week. I left the store and called my husband to give him the news. He asked me to call the store with specific instructions which I did.
If the weed eater could not be fixed in the store, they were not to send it out. If the weed eater could be fixed but there was a charge, DO NOT fix it.

I also informed the store, the cell phone number they had for me was incorrect, they could change it or take it out. They said “I will make a large note on the receipt and in the computer”. My home number is the primary number and is listed on the receipt and in the system.

On Tuesday June 19th, I called the store because I had heard no news on the status of the Ryobi Weed eater. I was told it was done the week previous and nothing else.

On Wednesday, June 19th, my 3 small children and I went into the store to pick up my product.

I was informed there was a $16.05 balance. That there was bad gas and the carburetor needed to be cleaned. The gas was new gas I purchased myself.

I was asked why I was not called for approval, why I was not called when my product was ready. No one had an answer. A Manager was called over and I told her exactly what had transpired, my phone call, etc. I told her I would pay my balance and make sure every single person I knew was aware of the lack of service and respect I received.

I continued to wait until my product came to the front of the store with the manager and a representative from the service area. I was told that several attempts were made to contact me. I asked which number and was informed that the store had been calling the number I specifically said was incorrect.

I asked why she did not call my home number, the one that pulls up my account. She told me if she “turned the paper over” she would have seen it, but “she doesn’t do that”. I then inquired about the string issue and it seems it was never noted so never taken care of. She asked if I wanted to wait while they looked at it which I declined because I had enough of the disrespect and ignorance of the store.

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  1. You know, nowadays it seems like customer service is a thing of the past!! I don't go to Home Depot because we don't have one nearby, but I've experienced pretty much the same treatment at Lowe's. And don't get me started on Wal-Mart!!!


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