Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm married to a Scary Movie lover #NabloPoMo

I am not a horror movie fan. I don't like the gore that goes along with it and would rather watch Spaghetti Western's in a loop than suffer one Michael Myers, Jason, or Freddy Krueger movie.
(We won't even touch the zombie genre)

Scary monies make me more than jump! I get nightmares, I *hear* things. I just can't do it.
Hubby is a FANATIC !

Photo Credit : Cool Chaser

For my 17th birthday, it was raining, I wanted to go to the beach and just have a little alone time, hold hands.. You know kissy kissy. It's my birthday, I felt entitled.

After dinner with his family, where do I get to go?
To see the remake of Night of the Living Dead.

When I see that remake on the tv, I remind him.. Oh look, 20+ years ago we saw this ON MY BIRTHDAY! Not my favorite birthday memory, although, we did spend it together and my head was buried in his chest for 90 minutes. Cuddle Cuddle...

The only thing I can stand is Vampire movies...
Yes, I have seen the Twilight Series, Vampire Diaries, Stewart Townsend and Hello! Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise all as beautiful blood sucking seducers...
No nightmares there

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  1. Oh yes, Interview with the Vampire I remember fondly! What a way to spend your 17th birthday - hiding behind your hands. LOL


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