Friday, June 1, 2012

JUMP ! Where does your mind go? #NoBloPoMo

When you hear the word "jump", where does your mind take you?
Ask my children, and they'll jump for you.
Ask my husband, well, he'd probably do the same as the kids.

But me, I'm thinking, "Into What?"
I have so much going through my head all day,
I'd wander to chores, laundry, errands...
a nice bubble bath!

                                                        Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Where does JUMP make you go?


  1. Oooo... I was just commenting on someone's post that I wanted to jump into a hot tub but this bath will totally do! I really need a bathtub that big!

  2. A bath sounds nice...makes me wish my bathroom had a lock...

  3. Its really chilly where I live, a bath sounds lovely right about now!


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