Sunday, June 10, 2012

My afternoon as an Emergency Room Patient

Today, some of the scouts and their parents, among others, were invited to take part in an Operations Drill at local hospitals in Pinellas County.

Soon, The RNC (Republican National Convention) will be here and the Mease Hospitals in the area wanted to make sure that the Preparedness Measures were all in place in the event there were an excess of patients.

None of the hospital staff was aware of when the drill would take place (just sometimes within the next 10 days), how many people they would have in addition to "real" patients, or what would be wrong with us.

My personal injury; I was a 64yo Man with Chest Pains. This was not a par fetched part for me to play since withing the last 2 years, I *believe* I've had at least 1 heart attack (unconfirmed since I didn't tell anyone and did not go to the hospital, I did go to the Dr a couple of weeks later and now being watched closely by my PCP).

My son was a 28yo Female Protester who had been hit over the head with a [picket] sign.
Other injuries included were, lacerations to the leg, pepper spray injuries, a cowboy being bucked off his horse, even a mentally unstable person (who managed to wander from her room), but security caught up with her ;)

It was neat to see all the key people in place, and how the nurses actually asked all the right questions and explained what would have happened if you were a "real" patient.

The scouts participating will receive certificates, badges, and or pins that are difficult for them to earn otherwise.

I am confident that the Hospital staff did well and they are graded by the County Representative who was watching the staff and taking a ton of notes. 

I am happy I was able to participate and hope that our prescence creates a more effective team within the hospital.

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