Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Romantic Breakfast by our 9yo son Saturday Morning

When we woke this morning, we were surprised to see our breakfast on the table, complete with flowers, a note and lit candle.

Our 9yo son decided we needed a "Romantic Breakfast". It was so cute ans sweet.
His note said we ~deserved~ this and he would take his brothers into his room while we ate. That is exactly what happened.

Luke made me Cinnamon swirl bread, toasted with butter and tea. Hubby got a bagel with half cream cheese and half peanut butter (yes, he likes it that way) and milk.

I did make hubby coffee before he came out, so he had coffee as well.

He made 2 flowers, one said "Mom" and one said "Dad". The candle, which he lit on his own, was a Christmas tree scent.. Aaahh Christmas in June !

Sometimes, my children surprise me! And I love every minute of it!

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