Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking the time to help others do better

We were presented with an opportunity.
One I have never heard of but excited to take.
We have a chance to help others do a better job.

How often does that happen?
Now, I'm not talking about a comment card, or speaking to a manager,
which are all good ideas by the way.

The RNC (republican National Convention) will be in Tampa later this year and our local Hospitals are testing their Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) by having "drills"

Basically, Volunteers pretend to be a patient, a casualty.. It is up to the team to assess you and handle your medical issue. We are helping them do a better job.

Can they tell what is wrong with a 9yo boy (we shall see)?

I am excited to have the opportunity to see how the medical team at our closest hospital works in an emergency, how they would handle different situations.

If you have to opportunity to help another do a better job, please take it.


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  1. What a neat ideal and I am so Happy you are doing it. Please come and share with us on Mommies Point of View as to how it goes. I am also sorry I have not been by in a while but life has been crazy. Is there anything Team Mommies can help you with? Any companies you would like us to Pitch for you?


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