Thursday, June 28, 2012

A tricky topic #NabloPoMo

How do you jump into starting a new blog post?

I try not to write just for the sake of writing.
Each post, I try to make meaning out of, so I don't necessarily "jump" into it.

I typicaly won't post a sale or coupon that I wouldn't myself use or buy.

My thoughts are laid out and if I can't fully commit to it at the time I begin it, I save it and come back.

Some of this month's topics have been easy to write and some I have had to -dig- for.

I try to approach everything with a personal experience of my own or someone that I know.

Reviews are much easier than just "writing". That's my opinion. I can talk about a product, What it is, or what it does and provide a video or photos of said product..

But me, my life, my family.... My Ramblings...  No jumping there..
They are thought out in a manner of respect and love..

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