Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on my Home Depot Rant ...

I recently blogged vented about an issue with my local Home Depot and their Customer Service.

I emailed the Corporate Headquarters with my experience. I had planned on sending it to the store manager as well as to Ryobi. Thursday morning, I received and email from the Corporate office apologizing for the behavior and actions of the store and the employees.

After I read the email, I then received a phone call from the store itself. The email had been sent to the managers and one of them contacted me.

She had read through my email, had me re-tell my experience.

She then offered to have my husband go back in to the store, and choose a new product. They would issue a full credit for the original product, warranty purchased, and the repair cost.

I was pleased that they were willing to rectify the situation despite my anger and unwillingness to go back to that store.

My husband was pleased, which of course, was the goal all along. I took everything back last night and retrieved the gift card for him so he may purchase a new weed eater at his convenience.

I am very pleased with the outcome yet still unhappy with the employees and their behaviors.

I do certainly hope that some changes are made and maybe a lesson has been learned..

In the future, an FYI, gas powered tools are only returnable after 30 days and then must be repaired either in store or sent out in which you may lose the use of the product for up to 6 weeks..

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