Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July with my kids

We have several adults supervising several children with sparklers. This is the 1st year [EVER] we have done fireworks with our children. We are normally only spectators.

After we had done our very small fireworks display with my IL's and neighbors, we allowed all the children to experience sparklers. This was a first for ALL of my children.
As I take pictures and video of my kids, I am within arms reach to all 3 because I do not want them to get injured.

They wrote their names in the air with the sparklers, like we did as kids. The laughed and we made that childhood memory that I remember so vividly.

I am grateful all had a great time, safely.

I am especially grateful that fireworks for the family only occur once  year. That's enough for this mom's nerves!

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