Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blogcation Review - Sea World Orlando

I was excited to take my boys to Sea World.
Luke had been when he was very small, but the 2 other boys had never gone.
Anthony was especially excited because of his love for wild life.
Before even entering the park.. Our Happy Family


A string of mishaps lead to an unhappy beginning to our adventure.

I forgot CJ's birth certificate (sitting on my dresser), for the "Preschool Pass" we printed. However, he is ~clearly~ under 5 years of age.

We got a manager to help us and she gave my husband a bit of an attitude, to which he lost his temper. She let me know I could have the pediatrician's office verify, which I did as she and my husband continued their verbal exchange. After 20 minutes or so [which seemed like an hour], we finally made it into the park.

We decided not to wait in the 90 minute Manta line (to which Anthony was not tall enough to ride) and headed over to the Stringray tank.. Ready for it, Mishap # 2

After all washed hands after feeding and petting stingrays, CJ turned around to walk back to me and slipped on the pebble hard surface. His face had what looked like road rash. He was so upset and his clothes were dirty, he smelled like fish. A representative came to us and checked on him. Her exact words were "this happens all the time" [which was later contradicted by an Operations Manager].

My hubby lost it again.. We went to Guest Services and spoke to Aldo, the Operations Manager in charge at the time. He let him know what had just occurred. They called over the medics and an accident investigator. We got Cj cleaned up and filled out various reports. At this point, we had not been in the park an entire hour. We let him know we were there by invitation for a review, and things were not going well :(  After my husband asked, we were offered Quick Que passes (front of the line), reserved seating for shows of our choosing and each of the boys received a snack voucher.
The staff inside of Guest Services was very wonderful, helpful, and made sure that our children enjoyed the remainder of the day.

My husband however, he is still very upset about the entire situation.
There are so signs around the tank. Obviously the ground will be wet between the tank and the sinks, but any child could be seriously injured. While I know my son was not running, there were plenty of children who were. It's very scary. We did document the are where CJ fell. You can view that footage here if so desired.

Now, onto the rest of the day!

Hubby and Luke did get on Manta, which they loved. We very very much enjoyed the "One Ocean" show with Shamu and Anthony rode Journey to Atlantis 3 times. He could have gone on there all day and never tired of it. Hubby and Luke got on Kraken just before they closed the ride due to storms in the area...

The beauty of sea life there is amazing.
I do regret that hubby and I were just so emotionally spent, that we did not do alot of what we originally planned.

The Shark Encounter was wonderful, as was the aquarium by Manta.
Journey to Atlantis was a huge favorite and it is the only ride I did that day.
Anthony was not interested in the smaller children's rides. He is a Roller Coaster Fanatic!

This Park does have a large variety of items to offer families. The amount of shows is fantastic. The animal exhibits are well taken care of and I wish we could have seen more.

Sea World

Disclosure: My family and I were given the opportunity to review this park . No monetary compensation was received, we received complimentary passes (2). All reviews are in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” The opinions expressed in this post are expressly that of my family or myself. You may read more about my disclosure policy.

Video taken on this trip with our DXG USA Pro Grear 1080p Camcorder, DXG-5F0VR


  1. I've always wanted to go to seaworld, and universal studios! hopefully I will one day, I know I'll love it!

  2. I am envious, I have never been to Sea World and would love to go one day. Looks so fun! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I really enjoy going to Sea World. It's been years since I've been last so I'm sure a lot has changed.

  4. Sea world has always been my favorite, Its to bad you had such a rough patch in there.


  5. i grew up going to seaworld! a great family vacation

  6. wow sounds like a rough day. I love Seaworld.

  7. Sorry to hear that the beginning of your day wasn't good. We love going to Sea World, and enjoy it!

  8. I'd love to visit Sea World. We are planning for a trip in the fall.

  9. This is somewhere I have always wanted to go and now I have a son that would have a BLAST there!

  10. What an ordeal at the beginning, but glad it ended on a good note. SeaWorld is pretty awesome!

  11. Whew, that WAS a rough day. Sorry about the mishaps. We live near Sea World San Diego and love it. I've never been to the one in Orlando.

  12. I LOVE SeaWorld! I've been to the one in San Antonio numerous times. I would love to one day go to this one! Glad the day turned around and everyone had fun!

  13. I loved sea world as a child but have not been in yrs.. I really want to take my kids.

  14. this looks like so much fun! I loved sea world as a kid, I can't wait to bring mine.

  15. I'm glad that they attempted to make things right with you after the fall/slip, but I am not very fond of the comment "This happens all the time". It happens all the time? Then why isn't something done about it???


  16. We have been to Sea World! I loved it even more than Disneyworld! It was so much fun. Cheryl cjabdelnour@hotmail.com

  17. I'm sorry you had so much trouble on your vacation! I'm glad that your family did get to enjoy some of the rides and the show.

  18. wow what an adventure-glad you did have some fun after such a crazy beginning

    jennifer marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  19. Betsy Barnes

    This place is on my bucket list. Great video! :)

  20. "This happens all the time???!!!" Wow, they really need to train their reps better than to say things like that. Or better yet, remove as much of the risk as possible!

    We weren't able to get to Sea World when we were in the area the last few times. :-( I did get to see it years ago though, and I know my daughter would love it. Next time for sure!
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  21. I would have been very upset also. No stitches though? Sea World is my husband's favorite place in the world, outside of seeing an orca in the wild.

  22. I have not been to Sea World but would love it! I can't wait to go!

  23. It seems like every vacation I have ever went on has had at leat one stress filled outing occur during it. I am sorry yours did too.

  24. I worked at Sea World when I was in high school and I have seen kids fall by the Stingray Tank, as well as other areas of the park. Yes, the areas should be better marked with cones. Sorry your day started badly, it really is a lovely park.

  25. I love Sea World. We have one in San Antonio and I cant wait to take my son there for the first time.

  26. My little middle went to Sea World (in Cali) when she did e4 this year- she loved it but the swim with the dolphins was horribly overpriced and not worth it in her opinion. Sorry you guys had a rough time of it.

  27. Lots of reports about the killer whales attacking the trainers. Ahh

  28. Marine life is so beautiful, My grandma used to take me to Sea World as a little girl and I have great memories from going there!
    Stephanie A
    ziggyga athotmaildot com

  29. omg... I love, love, love, Sea World....my aunt and cousins come down here every year to go...


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