Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DXG Pro Gear Camcorder Review

I received the very coolest camcorder from DXG USA. The red DXG-5F0VR, DXG Pro Gear 1080p Camcorder is amazing!

The features of this camera meet the needs of my family and I love that this product uses and SD card to store the video and still photos.

The rechargeable battery is a plus. The fact that it is contained within the camera is a huge bonus!

The camcorder features  a 20X zoom lens and records in 1080P HD. It has a built in light and has a touch screen. LOVE IT !! The camcorder is lighter than I expected and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

To connect to the computer, it uses a USB connection. It can also connect via component or HDMI (cables included). The camcorder also comes with a small bag. This will keep it safe in a large case, backpack or purse and can be looped onto a belt.

Since I couldn't show you all of the features while using the DXG-5F0VR , I had to use my camera.

So we decided to head to the beach, our plans got a little, um, wet....

But I did finally get to use the DXG-5F0VR, take a look

For those who notice Anth and Gianna out in the water. They were sitting trying to dig shells and rocks out of the floor of the Gulf. They are not really up to their necks in water. My BFF got up while I was filming and walked to the edge of the water and was hanging out with the kids..

Sorry, it was just so peaceful, I had to share one more

You can purchase the DXG-5F0VR, DXG Pro Gear 1080p Camcorder for $179.99

This camcorder is my new favorite gadget and my Blog-cation begins Thursday so I'll be giving the DXG-5F0VR, DXG Pro Gear 1080p Camcorder a huge workout!

Special Thanks to DXG USA for allowing me to review this product. Check out all that DXG USA has to offer by visiting their website, dxgusa.com

DXG USA, The Digital Camera Company

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  1. What a great camera. I need a nw one. Htank you!!

  2. Great camera!! I'm looking for a new one actually. Thanks!

  3. It's so nice to see kids that aren't afraid of a little water! My 6 year old doesn't play well in sprinklers of any kind. I keep telling here "You aren't going to melt"!

  4. What a fun camera! We have a small camcorder, but I'm looking for something a more robust - that takes quality video!

  5. This is a handy dandy camera. Clarity is decent but I do wish the audio was better on mine :(


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