Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My 1st Scentsy purchase

So I decided to make a Scentsy purchase. I have seen giveaways, reviews, even cars in my area with "I'm a Scentsy Rep" window clings.

The selection of items to purchase was amazing. I had no idea Scentsy was so diverse. I have seen the warmers and accompaniments, but not the Scent Paks (which I purchased) or the line "Layers by Scentsy", which includes body sprays, lotions, and even items for the washer and dryer.

But I kept my purchase focused. There are a couple of the areas of the house that need a helping hand

The coat closet for one! Coats and golf clubs and vacuums. It doesn't smell the nicest and the closet is located right inside the front door. I hung my "Quiver" pak. It's has a vanilla, sandalwood scent to it, that is just soothing and completely envelopes the closet and foyer. I am very pleased with it.

The "Clean Breeze" pak, I hung in my closet. It isn't must and doesn't have a particular scent, but I wanted to hang it there. It smells, well, clean.

The last Scentsy pak was "French Lavender". It was different than what I expected. I thought, overwhelming floral, but it wasn't. Pleasantly surprised in a good way. I took that pak the the garage. We have a storage cabinet where hubby stores his golf shoes and tennis shes and it needed help.. Yes, I hung a lavender Scentsy pak with shoes..  It was 1000 times better for me opening the cabinet.

Now, there are hundreds of Scentsy Reps you can work with and purchase one, but I am sharing my Scentsy Rep, Toni Giles. She answered all questions promptly and was extremely helpful.

I wanted to share Toni's information with you.

If you'd like to make a Scentsy purchase, you can visit her Scentsy site here.

Also, for the month of August, you can get the Owl Full Size Warmer for 31.50 instead of $35.00.

Also, August is 10% off month which means almost everything is 10% for the whole month. (excludes college warmers, cause warmers, combos over $40.00 and items in the close-out section.)

Did you know that Scentsy is a great unique system that uses a low-watt light bulb to melt the wax so it is safe and smoke,flame and soot free. I didn't. I am going to have to look into warmers for my home!

If you would like to learn more about Scentsy, host a party, or join Toni's Scentsy team, please feel free to send her an email. (tonigiles3@aol.com)


Thank you for sharing your ramblings with me