Sunday, September 23, 2012

A new Scout is on the Way

Introducing the Newest Cub Scout, my Anthony...
While we (the Cub Scout Pack) is currently in their recruitment phase, my new scout is ready to go!
Luke has graduated to his tan Webelos shirt, so this blue scout shirt is a hand me down in good shape.
We removed all unnecessary patches, put on his future Den # (being on the committee, I already know what it will be). The neckerchief, belt, and clip were all Luke's as well. Anth got the new had (Don't want to share those!)

He is super excited and will wear his uniform tomorrow to our meeting. He wants to show all the new recruits, just how their uniform should look!
He also has to participate in the BSA Popcorn sales so as you can see from the banner at the top, I am trying to give him a boost.
Luke has raked in some good sales already from family friends on Facebook, so I have to get Anthony out there somehow.
Check out the banner for Popcorn above and if you can, send our Troops overseas some Popcorn.
Yes, we still have men and women serving and as a matter of fact, my brother, the boys Uncle Paul, will deploy next month (his 5th) for Afghanistan..
Thanks for checking out my scout..

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