Monday, September 17, 2012

Have you tried the Green Glider ?

You’ll want to see this!
There’s a BRAND NEW hot product out on the market that my neighbor
invented, called the "GREEN GLIDER" MOP PADS!
They are Reusable & Washable, long-lasting, great quality Mop Pads for your Swiffer type mops. So they Clean better, they Save money and are better for the Environment because you RE-USE them. They are so awesome and unique because these mop pads have 4 Layers of thick SHAMMY (ShamWow!) inside to Absorb, and durable Microfiber on the outside to Clean! The Green Gliders have adjustable straps so they also fit on other mops like the Libman and O’Cedar. And they’re pretty, too . Check it out!!! This is the best NEW Product I’ve seen all year!

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