Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our first "Red Robin's" experience

We always have dinner out on Saturday nights.. We eat at home the rest of the week so this is our one family treat..
They have opened up a "Red Robin" locally at our mall and we haven't heard any good or bad notes about it really, so we decided to give it a go..

The wait was about 20 minutes and I liked that I could give my cell phone number and receive a text when our table was ready. I did receive a text in about 17 minutes which was great and the staff was very friendly. The restaurant was buzzing and very child friendly.

Our server, Tyler, was super bubble and friendly and made sure to let us know all about "Red Robin" since it was our first visit.

The boys enjoyed coloring on their menus and while I was tempted for an adult beverage, I maintained willpower. We placed our orders, drinks came quickly and we just admired the very bustling scenery.

I'm guessing our food took a little longer since it was so busy, but the wait not more than we could bear. I can't say the same for 3 hungry boys though.

The burgers we chose were delicious, the fried were perfect, and even Anthony's corndog rocked (not sure $3.99 is a fair price for a corndog and fries, but we indulged).

We did allow the boys to each get a child's size milkshake and the "Never Ending Root Beer Float" caught hubby's eye.. So we ordered that to share.

Now, we generally don't splurge on dinner. Not to the tune of $54.02 for BURGERS !!
So after tax, with 2 regular burgers, 3 kids meals, 2 sodas, 3 kids milk shakes, and a "Never Ending Root Beer Float", we shelled out $60.00.

I did have to ask about their "loyalty card". I had read about it online so I wanted to see if the server would offer excitedly to a new customer, but he didn't.

I can assure you, that this will never occur again. I can get the same meal at a competitor (right across the street), for less than half the price, which includes 2 regular burgers, 3 kids meals, 2 sodas, and 4 milk shakes.

So while we indulged and had a "Red Robin" experience, we felt ambivalent because the food dodn't knock our socks off and left a big dent in our wallet...

Disclosure: This review is based solely on our personal experience as a family.


  1. The red royalty card is the way to go. I have gotten a free entree quite a few times already. And i also have a birthday free entree on my card. I like their food and it is a nice place to take the kids. But I have to agree with you on the prices. Yesterday the four of us had burgers fries 2 milkshakes a free sweet tea and our total bill was 12.82.


  2. While we don't go to Red Robin often because it's just not the type of food we eat, I think you are paying for the selection and quality of the burgers. They definitely don't compare to fast food, and there are few places you can get the variety of burger toppings you can get at Red Robin - especially since you can choose from beef, turkey, veggie burgers and bison. There's definitely an upcharge for the whole experience (not to mention the unlimited fries) but I do agree that if you just want a burger without all the extras you can definitely go a lot cheaper elsewhere.


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