Friday, September 28, 2012

So Proud of our Scout Den !!

There is a reason we practice our Flag Ceremony at each Den Meeting and we proved just how it's to be done, at this week's Pack Meeting!
These boys listened, followed directions and were the most respectful I have ever seen them. To top it off, we had just finished recruitment and had 15 extra families there with us.
I am really happy to be a part of our Scout Pack. I feel like my eldest son really thrives and flourishes. I believe my newest scout will do the same. Anth is really excited to begin.
Do you participate in Scouting? Did you or a spouse growing up?
I never did, but hubby was a Cub Scout. I like that we can be really involved in our boys activities like this !
Our Den with the Scout Flags
Getting ready for the Pledge of Allegiance, and Cub Scout Promise
Popcorn Kickoff wouldn't be complete without.. Popcorn!
Yeah, hubby looks thrilled I made him wear the Trail's End shirt :)
I am an active participant (overly active I think), but since our
Den Leader was with her Boy Scout as he was receiving an award,
my role as Asst Den Leader took over and I was proud to
give our boys their achievements!

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