Friday, September 14, 2012

When it's time for baby teeth to come out, how does it happen at your house?

The tooth fairy will be visiting tonight.
Anthony's tooth has been loose for what seems like months.
Finally tonight, it was ready. When he wiggled it, there was blood.. So he was ready for it to come out.
We gave him options and he chose 1) a nerf gun shooting 2) a remote control car, and 3) if all else failed, the door knob

We attempted to shoot it out with a nerf gun.. Didn't work.
I wrapped the dental floss around a remote control car, hubby had the remote in his hand and I asked the two other boys to go to the living room so they could have a good view and we had room. My 3yo ran across the foyer through the dental floss line and out came Anthony's Tooth.
No video like we had hoped and it was out in a flash.
We are still laughing because, it's so typical for something like that to happen for us..
Christopher is proud he was responsible for his brother's tooth coming out...

How do loose teeth come out in your house  ???

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