Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do you believe that your deceased loved ones are still in your life?

Do you ever have one of those moments, where you just know that a loved one, who has passed, is with you? We had that at dinner Tuesday night.
My eldest son was asking my brother how his day was, and before my brother could answer, a song came on that stopped us in our tracks. We knew, that my mom was there...And when no one else at the table knew and Paul and I couldn't speak, my husband knew...
There are 2 songs that make me think of my Mom. The Rose and Wind Beneath My Wings, both by Bette Midler. Both movies she loved. She loved Bette Midler, and I do as well. I've seen Bette in concert once. My husband won tickets and knew that he HAD to take me.
She made her presence known. She sat with us at our last dinner before his deployment...
It was awesome !!!
I do not hear these songs all the time. They play when I need them. 2 months ago, my husband was at breakfast with his parents before golf, and I received a text...
"Your Mom says Hello"
Wind Beneath my Wings was playing.
I can tell you that I truly believe that our loved ones share moments with us, whether you recognize them or not.
I hope that you have an opportunity to have one of these moments... They are magical!


  1. I definitely believe this to be true, too! :)

  2. I completely agree. I too have experienced this. It warms my soul. :)
    Carol L


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