Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting ready for another Deployment

For those who aren't aware, my only blood related sibling (my little brother) has been in the Louisiana National Guard Reserves for the past 16 years.

He has been deployed 4 previous times. Twice to Afghanistan and then twice to Iraq.
He very much enjoys his deployments as his is a soldier at heart and it's in his blood. He has seen some horrific images and has suffered like every other soldier ever deployed (nightmare's, panic attacks, etc).
But this is him, I've begged him to stay stateside, but he enjoys this lifestyle so much. In some respects, I am grateful he is single with no children. I could not image how difficult it is for spouses and children to watch their loved one head so far away. One the other hand, I long for him to have a family of his own, and worry he may never have that chance.
Now, he is soon to be deployed again, his 5th time, back to Afghanistan.
It's difficult for me each time, to know he is gone, but I know that without him, and every soldier just like him, our military would collapse. Freedom isn't free!
His nephews are extremely proud of him, as am I and hubby and his family. My family (my mother's side in Louisiana) know how I feel. We are all close. I know if my parents were alive, I could probably see the pride beam from their faces. I know that they keep him safe while he does his duty to our country.
Once he actually leaves the US, You will see a yellow ribbon on my banner. You will probably see more military posts and what my boys do for their Uncle.
I am extremely proud of my baby brother... I am proud of each military member and their families.
I am proud to know that there are men and women, who love this life and are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country, their family, and complete strangers.
I will miss him. The boys will miss him. And we will pray every day for his safe return, and that of all of our military personnel
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  1. thoughts and prayers with your family. My husband was in the navy but did not know him while on deployment but have several of his friends who are still in and worry everytime.

  2. I will be thinking of you guys.....And please tell him THANK YOU for serving!! What a brave thing to do for his country!!

  3. My husband has been twice. It is difficult for the family left behind, but they are doing such an important job. Sending your brother good thoughts.

  4. Many hugs. I will be thinking about you!

  5. Thank your brother for his selflessness to defend our country. May God go with him. Prayers!

  6. We will keep your brother in our positive thoughts!


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