Saturday, October 13, 2012

Looking for a fresh Evergreen Wreath this year?

Have you heard of Mickman Brother's Wreaths?
I learned about them a few years ago when our Pre-School sold them as a fundraiser.
They are beautiful, fragrant, and last the whole season (and then sometimes longer)
Last year was our 1st year selling the wreaths and we had a goal.. We needed to replace our old wooden 3 lane Pinewood Derby Track...
We were able to make enough profit (and a very large donation from a local person) to purchase a 6 lane steel track for our boys!
[No cars fell off the track at the derby this year]
This year, the Cub Scout Pack boys are selling wreaths again.
This time, I decided to open up the opportunity to everyone.
I have created a page for our wreaths.
These purchases are available for anyone in the United States.
If you would like to purchase one to send as a gift to another person,
you can do that as well
Please scroll to the bottom of the page,
where the "Holiday Gift" options are and you can use paypal.
Here is a quick glimpse of what Mickman Bros offers.

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