Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's make sure our young girls' know they are amazing ! Dove's Third Annual Dove(R) Self-Estee​m Weekend

Girls these days have a lot to deal with. Peer pressure and anxieties can hurt self esteem and self confidence. This can keep young girls from following their dreams.
If you were to ask your daughter, niece, or granddaughter the answer to these questions, what would she say?
• "Beauty is _______"

• "I feel beautiful because _____"
• "I feel confident when _______"

Let's make sure our young girls have the tools they need to have great self confidence

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I don't have a daughter. But there aer many little girls in my neighborhood and my best friend has 2 daughters.
Her oldest, only 6, is a beautiful and smart your girl. She speaks and acts well above her young 6 years.
My BFF and her beautiful daughers
Her parents just seperated and I do worry about how she feels. I worry about her esteem and blaming herself, as children of divorce often do. I speak from experience.
I downloaded the Real Role Model kit and chose some topics to talk about.
1) Mutual Complimenting - Choose 5 things about yourself you like. She definitely had more than 5 which made me happy!
2) A Support Network - A 6yo needs a support network? You bet ! G and her sister have a single working mom and when not in school or after care, they are with their grandparents. It's important that both girls have positive people in their lives, especially now. My BFF knows I will always be there for her and her girls!
I am happy that my princesses are well rounded and have a good head on their shoulders.
I will make sure that every chance I get, that I am with them, they know just how amazing I think they are !

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  1. I've always wanted to have two girls (I just enjoyed the combo that was my sister and I and want to experience that as the momma someday). I'll certainly try and make sure they KNOW they are beautiful.

    Thanks for the post. =)


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