Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Moms can make shopping easier with mygofer.com

Babies take a lot of work, a lot of time, and well, a lot of money.. But after having 3 of my own, I wouldn't trade a single day with any of them!

I love shopping with mygofer.com ! I can order right through their website and head into the store or pick up items curbside.

With a new baby or even smaller children, curbside service is absolutely amazing! From diapers, to formula, groceries and household items, you can get it all with a click of your mouse and a short drive to your local participating store.

Check out this newborn survival guide ↓ It's packed with wonderful information !

Mom to Be

mygofer.com is an online shopping service created for those who just don’t have enough time in their day to get everything done or for those who wish to spend their time doing things they love to do instead of completing the errands they need to get done. mygofer makes it easy to shop for all of your groceries and everyday items, get your order where and when you need it, and get rewarded for shopping!

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  1. Wish I knew about this service when my babies where younger! Sounds so handy :)


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