Thursday, November 15, 2012

Modern Greetings 2nd Honeymoon Giveaway - 4 Chances to win

Do you have a funny wedding picture?
I searched mine and none are really "funny".

Well, If you do have a funny wedding picture, you should head over to and check out their 2nd Honeymoon Giveaway for a  Trip to the destination of their choice (up to $3,000
Now through December 6th, you can submit your funniest wedding picture and gather votes.

You have 4 chances to win, with the 1st going on Right Now !
The first thing you need to ←Click that link
Read the rules and if you plan on participating, enter your email in the box and you'll be redirected to the Facebook app where you will then enter the contest "officially".
f you participate (meaning enter) at least one of the giveaways, you'll receive a $5.00 voucher to the website. Participate in all 4, and that's a cool $20.00 to order beautiful personalized stationary.
You can only win one of the 4 giveaways
( so no 3rd, 4th, or 5th honeymoon's going on here)
If you do happen to enter the giveaway, come back and post the link to your picture,
I'll come and vote for you and ask my readers to do the same!

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