Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cubs Scouts -> Pinewood Derby -> All Consuming !!!

I'm very proud to be a Cub Scout Mom. I am heavily involved with our Pack.
I am Secretary, Fundraising Coordinator, Popcorn Colonel, Event Organizer, T-Shirt Sales, and handle the scheduling of meetings/events with whatever location we are going to.

This month, I added Pinewood Derby Coordinator to my growing resume.
The past 3 years have been a cluster of disasters. This was my 1st year officially without the person who had been organizing things since we began scouts.

From the scheduling and shopping (for concessions), making sure we had adequate volunteers, and all the boys who were participating, and their families were properly registered, it was more than I had realized.

I had great help Saturday Morning when I arrived to our location. I am proud of my Webelos Den because the parents who arrived early and the scouts really helped beyond belief. I say My Den, as I am asst leader and my oldest in this den. I have watched these boys grow over the past several years and they are precious ! My Tiger Den leader was the 1st one there and I would have been stuck in a large hole without her !

The boys helped me set up tables and chairs, and my webelos set up the cones and caution tape so no one would step on our expensive track
(that happened last year, we all freaked !)

We had 38 Scouts race and with only 19 trophies to give, 15 trophies were 1st, 2nd, 3rd for their ranks and the others were Cubmaster choice and the final 3, the boys voted on best cars in specific categories. Each boy received a Patch for the year.
(Left to Right) Hubby made a Red Ferrari for he and CJ to race in the Friends and Family portion of the derby, Luke made a yellow Camaro and named it for a Pokeman, and Anthony made an curved car painted as a wave with a surfer on it.
All 3 were very proud of their cars.
I don't think I got to witness any of the cars go down the track. I was busy making sure everything was well oiled and running smoothly. Making sure parents were happy, concessions were running smoothly and counting votes from the scouts for the custom categories.
I also MC'd the entire event. Oh No, there was no microphone, just my loud voice. The boys are used to me by now, so they all pay attention.. Of course I made them scream and get excited for the race.. They got to count down for the 1st set of cars to go down the track...
I also was lucky enough to announce all of the winners to receive trophies.
This was special to me, not because I was able to see my 2 boys receive trophies, but to watch out oldest scouts win for the last time, to watch the new scouts win for the first time.
Of Course, I truly was happy to announce Luke and Anthony's names when they each won 2nd place for their own ranks..
All of the scouts, siblings, and parents we amazing. All showed excellent sportsmanship. I made sure I sent an email out to all of the parents and on Monday I will tell the scouts myself how proud I am.
I've got positive feedback from several parents..
My favorite one was "This was the best Pinewood Derby Event ever !"
That makes all the work worth while !


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  1. glad your boys are in cub scouts. builds character


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