Friday, January 11, 2013

I got to go Shopping Alone :) #Target #CBias

I love shopping at Target. It's one of my favorite places. Totally beats the mall !

The boys were enjoying the circus with their Dad and Aunt, so I took the opportunity to head out shopping alone !

It wasn't terribly crowded and it was nice to take my time. I had a couple of purchases in mind, things I needed to get, but otherwise, the time was all mine...

Luke needed pants for Webelos I. They need to wear green Khaki and the pants I bought him were on clearance (YAY). Anthony outgrew the sweatshirt,for cold weather, so he needed a new one. These boys grow too fast. Normally, we'd have a hand me down in place, but it somehow ripped. A ploy for a new one? I wonder! It was cold for a good week. Now we are back to shorts weather.

I returned a toy earlier in the day. CJ received something that was out of his age range , and honestly, had too many pieces. I found a Hot Wheels Angry Birds Slingshot Set, on clearance. And He LOVES it !

I wondered in circles for a bit, enjoying not being pulled in this way or that and finally, I resigned myself on bettering me. I joined Weight Watchers recently and needed some additional "equipment" in the form of clothing..

I truly love wandering the store, even if I don't purchase anything. I have those rare occasions where I don't have any children and get to do this..

Want to check out my shopping trip? I added my photos to Google +

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  1. I despise the mall! Ugh. Just going on there makes me want to turn around and run. And Walmart is no fun to browse either. Send me to Ross or Bealls and I'm a happy camper. But when I truly get shop alone time you'll normally find me holed up at a bookstore.


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