Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Ideas - creating our gifts by hand, from the heart

After reading about a couple of Bloggers issuing challenges (or being issued a challenge by their spouse), I did the same. I am not sure hubby is thrilled with my challenge. He is a procrastinator and would end up picking something up on the way home.

I made the challenge to him to make, write, create his own valentine this year. It's not that he isn't a creative guy, he's quite talented, but it's getting him to think ahead of time, that is actually the challenge.

Of course, since I am home, I am already thinking ahead.
Dinner at home (and our scout meeting for that night was cancelled already, yay). The boys and I will bake a heart shaped cookie cake. I think I'll let them decorate it (yikes).

I am going to make tissue paper flowers.
Somehow I think they may look like this
Source: via Angel on Pinterest
Instead of this
But we will create it all frugally.
The day is about love, our love..
And family, Our family ..
And we'll enjoy it without breaking the bank!

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  1. That's awesome. I believe that when you make something, it means more, because you put more effort into it, you don't just take the credit card out and buy it so i love the idea of making the presents :)


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