Monday, January 14, 2013

We've begun our Christmas Jar again 2013

No, I didn't photograph the end result of out 2012 Christmas jar. I must say it was a little disappointing. I let myself down over the summer and didn't add as constantly as I should've/coud've.

I allowed Luke to choose the recipient and how they would receive our very 1st jar.

He chose a neighbor. A single mom with 1 child who works 2 jobs. She is a friend of ours. Her son was in scouts with Luke for 3 years (before he graduated to Boy Scouts).
She volunteered [as much as I do] and helped coordinate events for the boys. She was a wonderful Den Leader and an asset to our Cub Scout Pack.

We ended up with just over $45.00. I opted to put everything in a new jar, so we could keep our original. We put the jar in a box and  added a Christmas card to it. My intention was to leave the jar, but Luke chose otherwise.

He wanted to hand it to her and have her open it in front of him. And so he did. She was confused, surprised, and once I explained to her what the "Christmas Jar" concept was, she cried [so did I].

And so now we begin anew. I have informed Luke that we will do the jar this year, the way it was intended, anonymous.

We put in change from our cars, wallets, and even the boys added the change from their piggy banks (mostly pennies) and we have been diligent on our efforts so far.
I am hoping I can keep up he good pace and the boys continue to help contribute.
If anyone has decided to start their own jar, or has received a jar, please tell us.
I love hearing about Random Acts of Kindness

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