Friday, February 15, 2013

A special day at School - Getting Fit

Today was a Special day at our Elementary School.
Our Sponsored Walk-A-Thon in which each grade gets 40 minutes to walk the bus circle (as many laps as they can walking). They asked family and friends to sponsor them for the laps. It's essentially a fundraiser for the school but the kids think it's a fun get-fit day. I was excited because even though my boys are several grades apart, their times were back to back.
Ozzie the Osprey (our mascot) was there for support today!

And a representative from our local Parks and Recreation Center cut the ceremonial ribbon :)
As well as provided water for every student!

Anthony was happy that his little brother and I were there to walk with him

Luke, yeah, not so excited about me being there
There was a DJ playing music and they had lanyards that were stamped for each lap.
Yesterday was a very wet day and this morning was a chilly and dreary,
 but the kids did not mind one bit !
Everyone had a blast !!!

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