Saturday, March 16, 2013

Painting Pottery Fun

My 7year old Son came home last week with a business card from a friend.
It was from a local Pottery Painting place call Art From The Heart Cafe.
Apparently on Wednesday's, during certain times, kids paint feel with a paying adult.
Anth REALLY wanted to go..
And so we went. I allowed him to bring a friend and they had a blast!
 They picked out the pieces they wanted to paint, chose their own colors, and with a small amount of instruction, went to town.

Next Wednesday, their pieces will be done and they are so excited. Of course, they also want to go and paint more, oh, and bring more friends.. We'll see !


  1. How fun for all of you, great job on the frog!

  2. How cute! The frog looks really great. :)

  3. I like the frog that your son painted! Your son is really artistic and did such a great job! Love frogs as nick nacks in my house!

  4. awww, he did a really good job with the frog, thanks for sharing, I loved doing this as a kid

  5. We have done this several times with our kids. It is a ton of fun. I love seeing them being creative and painting any way they want. Love the frog!


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