Monday, March 11, 2013

What Would You Do ???

My eldest began Flag Football. He has never played on a team (only camps) but we thought it would be good for him. Plus, he really enjoyed the camp.
He has gone to the practices, and to the games. He plays offense in every game.
It all sounds good, right? No...

The coach's son is the Quarterback, and that quarterback ONLY throws to his 2-3 friends.
My son asked the coach when he could get the ball. The reply was, "Well, we want to win so I'm only going to include the best players in these plays". I heard it with my own ears during a practice.
My husband went to introduce himself and the coach looked at him,
turned his back and walked away.
After the last game, my son was just crushed!
(Oh, you know those best players helped us lose 2 in a row)
I want him to finish the season, to complete something he has begun. My husband says that he can't bear to see our son so upset and besides, we can't stand the coach.
All the coaches are volunteer parents, and I've not seen any involvement from the recreational facility hosting our team.
What would you do?
Have your child stay and finish, or save his feelings and let him quit?



  1. I can see your point about not quitting but i think i would let him decide whether to stay or go. Do you think some of the other parents would join in with talking to the coach before y'all decide? I am sure there are more that feel the same way. He is a cutie by the way

    1. make sure you let him know it's not about "feelings" it's about being fair to all players and giving all a chance to participate in the game. win or lose. I hate that some coaches are only about winning, and that they think their child is the only one who knows how to play. like they didnt start out as a beginner??? everyone starts as a beginner no matter what. Agree that parents should all have a talk with the coach, but i would also make sure the sponsor knows what is happening also. Yes have a talk with your son, let him know not to quit just because he is upset, and that he is more mature than the one who is supposed to be the "mature" one! dont let him lower himself down to the coaches or the coaches sons level!

    2. That's what my husband was trying to tell the coach when he walked away. He only ha a "Win" mentality. I wonder why we are losing so many games then :(
      My son is a beginner and needed terminology explained to him. The caoch treated him disrespectfully. I plan on speaking to the sponsor soon.

  2. This is awful :( I would let him decide. Make sure to explain to him that's not how the coach should be and that to play should be about having fun. Good luck and hugs to your boy :)

    1. Thank you.. We have done so and allowing him to make the decision himself.

  3. Awww that is terrible, it happens a lot. My little sister quit Softball for the same reason and she finished out the season and then quit. I think maybe it should be up to him, but I personally think it's good to finish what he started and end it

  4. I would have your child stay and finish, but I would not force him to. It is sad that we have this rude behavior from an adult and such unfairness. Good Luck!

  5. If it was my child, I would have him finish. There's always going to be someone who is rude and unfair to others, so this might be a good life lesson for him. Then next season find somewhere else where he will have more fun!


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