Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogmania 2013 Sponsor List

I love being a part of the Blogmania Team.
I have hosted my giveaways with Blogmania several times over the past 3 years.
This year, I have a great variety of fabulous sponsors ...

Here is a preview of the companies.. You'll hear more about each of them [individually] soon.

Tastefully Simple.. Tina Clark
 photo tinaclarktastefullysimple_zps40740897.png

Thirty-One, Kathlyn Sasso
 photo thrityonekathynsasso_zps7fdf6a0a.png

Mother Superior Designs, Beautiful handmade pendants
 photo MotherSuperiorDesign_zpscc883287.jpg

All My Happy Endings
 photo 200x200sunshine_zpsb9f8be93.jpg

 photo neocell_zpsd21ef976.png

Lilla Rose, Tara Funair, Independent Consultant (of course, I'm offering Lilla Rose Products !)  photo lrbutton_zpsdf37e6bb.jpg

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