Thursday, May 16, 2013

A labor of love.. Walking/Hiking Sticks

Our Weblos I boys have been together for 3/4 years.

2 of our boys have been together since pre-school, and though they do not go to the same elementary school together, we ended up in the same Den/Pack.
The other boys joined in 2nd grade and we received our 7th scout just last week (his walking stick is not pictured below because it's not complete)

We purchased  walking sticks from our Council Scout store, stained them, and added the rank emblems that they each have earned.
I got the idea to use a wood burning tool so each stick had the scouts name in it.
And there we are.
I still have so much left to do before Saturday.
This is the only thing I get to cross off my list!
I am very proud of these boys, watching them grow and mature..
1 more year to go in Cub Scouts with them.
I will miss all of them (except for the one thats mine of course)


  1. Aww look how cute and happy they are! So nice they have been together for that long. I remember the days of being in brownies and girl scouts, loved it! I still have my lil girl scout dress :)

  2. great group of boys youve got there! the walking sticks are cool!

  3. so cool that theyve been together for so long. Im sure theyve had a great time and have learned a lot


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