Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The beginnings - Couch to 5K

I decided that in addition to all the other things I am doing to better myself, I am taking up another new venture that will benefit me.
I have pre-registered for the Flavor Run 5k in August in Tampa.
I have never run a marathon, nor any type of race in my life.
My Cousins, and Uncle plus numerous friends are runners, but not me.
I began the C25K this week.
I'm proud of myself for attempting this task.
I downloaded the app for my Android, chose my "trainer" and the app does the rest
(except the "legwork")
Day 1 was scary, but an accomplishment
Day 2 was harder, no longer scary and my shins are not my friends.

The best thing about doing the C25K is that I'm up before my family, I've exercised and showered and feel energized. I;m not saying I'm going to feel like this everyday but it feels amazing the 2 days that I did.
Do you have any races or marathons under your belt?
I'd love advice, tips, or strategies !!!


  1. Thats so awesome that you decided to do this. I have never ran a race, just walked many many years ago. wish I had some advise. But you can do anything you put your minnd to, I'm sure You will do great job! keep us posted :)

  2. Good luck, looking forward to following your progress! :)

  3. I need to start a program like this, I am so out of shape it isn't even funny. I will be following your progress to see how this one works.

  4. super cool! i need that kind of ambition

  5. I am a walker not a runner. Running kills my knees. I have done a couple of 5k's. It makes you feel great after you accomplish your goal. Good luck!

  6. No, I have never run a marathon, but I admire those who do, and think that it is such a terrific accomplishment. I walk with my dog, and that is all I can do because of a disability. Good Luck on your running a marathon!

  7. im doing this program to and its gotten to a point where i just cant keep up with it lol. but I can def tell im able to run better than i could when I started. keep up the good work!!

  8. Good for you! My daughter-in-law decided to do this awhile back. She went from walking to running to marathons to triathlons and loves it! Stay with it. Blogging and keeping in touch with others are great ways to stay motivated. Best wishes!
    Sherry Compton

  9. I keep hearing about the couch to 5k and I think It's time for me to do it. i started running 1k 3 times a week at the end of April but I haven't seen any improvement. (In fact I've gotten fatter since then ;( ) I need to do something!

  10. I applaud you on your work towards health! I am partially disabled and can barely walk anywhere. I have recently been working on strengthening things and can now walk a couple miles, but it is not pain free. I am hoping with time that I will at least get to where I can walk without a cane. I know that it comes in steps. You will get there too! Keep up the good work!


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