Saturday, July 27, 2013

Doh' ! I completely forgot to share my July 3rd run with you !

On 7/3/13, I participated in the 34th Annual Midnight Run in Dunedin.
My 1st "official" run.

I chose to participate in the 1 mile, just for the sheer fact that I was nowhere
near ready to run 3.1 miles.

My fabulous husband joined me at the 11pm start!

I had done 1 mile earlier in the day. 75% walking, 25% jogging/running
and had a time of just about 18 minutes.

I could not believe the turn out.
They had about 200 people registered for the 1 mile alone.

I am so grateful I had my husband with me. He really made a difference in my efforts.

We mostly jogged with pits stops of walking and the water station.
I did have a hard time breathing. The humidity was very high and I think that played
a huge role (I've since seen my Dr and we have a course of action for that).

We crossed the finish line together....
15 minutes 11 seconds.
It was the most amazing feeling.
My 1st 5k is just 3 weeks away. I am nervous of course, but excited !!!

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  1. you like to do them that great wheni was kid i wlak 40 mile and then did not know iw was pregnat andthen i did it every yer tilli lleft ohio