Monday, July 29, 2013

Run For Your Lives Charity hits close to home @KennedyKrieger #ZombiePrepTeam

Disclosure:  I am a part of the Run For Your Lives’ Zombie Preparedness Team. I love their race so much, I wanted to share ….

I wanted to run this race because my family loves Zombies. My hubs is transforming into a Zombie and we thought this would be a wonderful time for the whole family.

Then something happened.

My Best Friend's daughter was born with a brain malformation and with a recent MRI, we found it has gotten much worse ! She will have surgery on 8/5 to uncork her Brain Stem from her Spinal Cord. Her family is so worried and scared, as are we. She's been Anthony's friend since early on in Pre-School.

We realized that the charity receiving support for RFYL is The Kennedy Krieger Institute. The focus of the Kennedy Krieger Institute is on the brain and the problems/injuries affecting a child’s developing brain.

You can support the wonderful works that The Kennedy Krieger Institute by texting "BRAIN" to 85944,where you can donate $5.

I promised by "Bestie" I would be at the hospital with her on surgery day. I promised this beautiful little girl who has stolen the heart of every person in my family, I will be there for her... And I will.

My friend shaved the back of her head, in the same fashion her daughter's will be shaved before her surgery. I'm considering it. We want to show her that she's not alone.
My oldest decided he wants to participate in the Zombie Run so we can support our friends.

Want to participate in a Zombie Run in a city near you?
Use code ZPTD9 for 15% off !


  1. The husband has been talking about the zombie runs! He thinks it would be a blast. I think he's a bit silly because i'm not into all that zombie stuff. lol. But I love that it can be used to help raise money for such a great cause.

  2. It sounds fun and it's a great cause!! Good luck in the Zombie Run

  3. The support is so awesome! I love the zombie runs and would love to participate! Good luck!

  4. My friend has been doing the Zombie runs, they look like a lot of fun! I was thinking about tagging along in the next one.

  5. I missed the Zombie run when it came to Atlanta. I bet it was fun though!2