Thursday, August 8, 2013

The TradeWinds Island Resort offers a variety for everyone ! #TWBloggers @TWResorts #sponsored #GoGoPlayfully

The last of July brought us a wonderful day at the TradeWinds Island Resort. The Resort hosted a Blogger Family Day, where we (bloggers, children, and spouses) could take in all that the TradeWinds has to offer. Thank you @TWResorts.
I have to admit, in the almost 25 years I have lived in Pinellas County, I had never been to the TradeWinds Island Resort. While it's only about a 45 minute drive south for me, I've not taken the time to explore the resort.
But that has all changed now !

The TradeWinds Island Resort is a large property that offers wonderful amenities for guests and Beach go-ers. There are multiple pools, a kiddie pool, Jacuzzis, and beach chairs galore. My boys found some hammocks to relax in. They were delighted !
We were provided a hospitality suite to keep our belongings in. The room was cozy and I loved that there was a small kitchen. The fridge was stocked with water and delicious GoGo SqueeZ applesauce thanks to Marisa (Adventures of Tampa Mama & Fit Kids Payground) & GoGo SqueeZ.
We had lunch out by the pool and there is a small kiosk where we delighted in sno-cones before we left for the day. We also watched many blogger friends take part in the Pool Explosion where the kids and adults raced! It was awesome !
The TradeWinds Island Resort offers fabulous fun for kids of all ages. My boys enjoyed Splash Island Water Park where the climbed on inflatables in the Gulf and expelled tons of energy! We saw many friends enjoy the Floating Cabanas. We also took advantage of the High Tide Slide multiple times.
Also, there is something that we did not partake in, but looked like tons of fun. It was the JetLev Flight Center. You fly, yes soar up to 30 feet, or just hover if you choose. It looks like fun !!
Please note that the Beach Activities are an additional charge beyond your resort stay. The High Tide Slide is included with your resort fee.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to visit the TradeWinds Island Resort, enjoy a day with my children and meeting so many local bloggers I had met online.
If you are ever in the St. Petersburg area and looking for a Family Friendly Resort, I would whole heartily recommend the TradeWinds Island Resort. Even if you are a local resident, take the time to explore the fun in your own backyard!
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  1. This place is so gorgeous and a fun place to stay and swim and go in the water. I would love to go to the Tradeswinds Island Resort someday. It looks like so much fun!

  2. I love the Tradewinds! We have stayed several times since they first opened (they combined several hotels into one which is why there are so many swimming pools). I loved having the kitchenette in the room when we had our kids with us. It looks like they expanded the inflatable water slide area a lot. I hope they still have the waterway that snakes around the property with the little boats you can ride.


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