Friday, August 2, 2013

#ZombiePrepTeam Survival Gear #sponsored

Run For Your Lives, the original zombie 5K, has invited me to be a brand ambassador on their Zombie Preparedness Team. Because of your love for my blog, you can take full advantage of my relationship with Run For Your Lives and receive 15% off when registering for any of their races in the United States.

I received and awesome Zombie Preparedness Team Survival Pack !
I received a T-shirt, Comic Book, Backpack, Koozie, Stickers, Tattoos,
and a fabulous Cracker Jack snack pack.
The backpack and T-shirt are super cool and I can see me using the backpack and wearing the shirt all the time. Also, The stickers are cool !
I'm trying to decide which of these stickers to put on the window of my van !!!


  1. Oh i love the I love brains stickers... I didn't get any of those... Can't wait to run this race with you!

  2. I like the zombies are after brains sticker.


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