Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Completed my 1st Virtual Run ! #10k #VirtualRun Hope on the Homefront

Today I completed my first Virtual Run. I have several going on, but this one is my "Official" first completion. It's also a poignant one.
The charity is Hope on the Homefront.
Our Goal: To promote suicide awareness within our military, for every branch, and all statuses. Active duty, reservists, civilian employees, dependents, and veterans are all included in this mission. Statistics are numbers but they are also people, and those numbers are too high!

Now, I do not know anyone personally who has taken their lives within the military (or otherwise actually), but I do worry about someone close to me.
My baby brother has PTSD and after 5 deployments beginning in 2002, who can blame him. He's seen some bad stuff.
But he is not stateside arriving today, 9/11/13.

This 10k took me 2 days. I cannot make it 6.2 miles in one try. But with the help of my Running Partner and friend Shannon & my Bestie Karina, I was able to complete this in 2 attempts.
This medal I am dedicating my my brother. Not only is he my soldier hero, giving up so much of his life for so many deployments, but his transformation with his health, both physical and mental.

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