Thursday, September 19, 2013

Have you had several of "those" days ? #itcomesin3s #lifehappens

It comes in 3's so I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

Saturday, hubby and I were out looking for a new outdoor light for our courtyard.
Easy enough, right?
Then he notices it. The screw in my tire. I swear, I am a magnet for running over things.

And we can't just replace 1 tire, we have to have 2 new tires so my van doesn't ride funny.
Bye-Bye $250.00

Fast forward to today..
Apparently a not so warm shower occurred for hubby this morning so we checked the water heater this morning. We rest the fuse box and all seemed decent.. Yeah ...

Hubby left for work and I was about to walk into the house from the garage when I heard a strange popping sound. I looked at the water heater and there was smoke coming from the top. So I called hubs, who was less than minutes down the road and asked which switch to flip in the fuse box.

The wires were burning !!!
So now it's a new water heater.. Good bye another $275.00
What makes this very hard for me to digest, because I understand Life Happens, is that my awesome hubby bought plane tickets and booked a hotel in Vegas recently, for my 40th birthday next month. He turned 40 at the beginning of the year and I'll hit 40 in just a few weeks. From FL to Las Vegas is NOT CHEAP and now this occurs.
I feel bad that our savings is draining so rapidly!!!

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  1. So am I! I can't even imagine how much I've had to spend on new tires for various reasons.


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