Friday, October 25, 2013

Check out the #RFYL Make-up kit and my Zombie Doctor ( the young version) #sponsored #ZombiePrepTeam

Disclosure: Run For Your Lives, the original zombie 5K, has invited me to be a brand ambassador on their Zombie Preparedness Team. Because of your love for my blog, you can take full advantage of my relationship with Run For Your Lives and receive 15% off when registering for any of their races in the United States.
Well, being that I have less than a month now until the Run For Your Lives Run in Clermont, FL, I wanted to share some more fun we've been having, psyching ourselves up for the event.
I was sent a Zombie Make-up kit. I had planned on using it on myself but we decided to attend the event where the kids could dress up. Since Luke didn't have a costume yet, we went for a Zombie Dr.
*My title says, the young version. My hubs is going to be a Zombie Dr during the event and so I'll have pictures of him later on !*
All the items were easy to use. The latex skin piece was a little weird and the liquid latex reminded me of a fish smell. Luke said not.
I let him dictate how the makeup was applied and he really really liked the fake blood.
Yep, we even stained the Dr's outfit with it.
Check out the website and see if there is a Zombie Run near you
Use the code ZPTD9 to receive 15% off


  1. The fake blood looks so realistic! Turned out great!!

  2. Cool! This race looks super fun. I'm a runner and a Walking Dead fan, so it might be perfect for me. =)

  3. Zombies are going to be a very popular costume for Halloween this year. This make-up is amazing.

  4. Oh my! A really really good makeup kit!

  5. That kie looked lifelike .You really did a good job.I wouldn't like the fish smell,though.

  6. That's creative! Good job! It worked out really well!

  7. Yikes, that's really "life"-like!

  8. That looks really good.

  9. Love this! The Run For Your Lives runs look like so much fun.


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