Sunday, November 3, 2013

A little Bummed #RFYL #ZombiePreparednessTeam

I've been so excited and promoting the Run For Your Lives Events.
Last week I was notified that they have cancelled all Runs and that RFYL is no longer in business.

I am sad.

My husband and I were both so excited to participate, my sister booked us a great hotel in Orlando and we were going to celebrate Anthony's birthday (which happens to the the day after the event was to occur).

Such is life that businesses cease to exists, every day.

I know that each runner who paid should have received an email and a refund in progress.

I would like to apologize to anyone who utilized the code I provided to purchase an entry to a future event.

We are still heading to Orlando for the weekend and will make it super special for the boys and my birthday boy...

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