Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I am now a matched runner :) Yay !!! #Irun4

When I began running on a regular basis, a blogger/runner friend of mine told me about a great group call I Run 4. This group matches runners of all types with children/young adults who cannot run because of various challenges/disabilities.
Some of these children are terminal, some will have a life long struggle ahead of them. In the couple of months I have been in the group, I have read about a handful of children who have succumbed to their various diseases.
Only within the last 2 weeks have I been matched about a 6-8 week wait.
I have been match with a little boy, right around the age of my older boys.
He doesn't live close to me, so meeting him in person will not be happening anytime soon.
I run for him, for "J".
He cannot run and probably never will but that's okay. Each step, each mile, each run I take because he doesn't have that ability right now.
If you run, you can do this. You can make a difference in a child's life. Without money, without doing anything differently than you do now. Just run and post...
Honestly, you'll forge a special friendship with this child, with their parent and family. It's an amazing bond with someone you don't know.
One runner waiting to be matched had come very close to the top of the list and he said something to the fact of "I feel like an expectant Dad, any day now, I will hear the news that "it's Time"..

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