Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas is over, A little recap ...

My boys didn't ask for a whole lots of things, actually, none of us did.
We did however indulge in 4 separate Christmas Present opening events.
My Bestie Karina and her girls spent the Saturday before Christmas with us. We made cookies, opened gifts.
After a busy day, we went out to dinner together. All 8 of us. It was relatively enjoyable..

Our Family friend Katie had to leave unexpectedly due to a family member passing, so we exchanged gifts before the holiday. We made dinner for her and my husband's family loves her as much as we do, so they came over as well.
Anthony's gift from Aunt Katie
Of course, there is Christmas Eve. I am glad that hubby and I cleaned and prepped before church because when we got home, making dinner was that much easier.

Christmas Dinner
Macadamia Crusted Mahi with a Coconut Sauce, Rice Pilaf, and Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
Christmas Day was a blur.
The boys were awesome and no one whined over anything they did or didn't get.
My hubby and I agreed on a spending limit for each other this year. Something we've never done, but it made him think a little more and get creative. I was impressed!
Merry Christmas from Our family
Of course, our crazy elf Fred left, making Anthony already wish for next November 30th, when our Elf on the Shelf will return again.

Our Elf Fred is Awesome !

Our Christmas tree is void of any Christmas decorations and is now our 2nd Annual New Years Tree. The boys loved that we did it this year, so it looks like we've begun a new tradition.

Now we wait, just a couple of days left in 2013..
Then, as always, we welcome in the new year together !!!

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