Friday, January 31, 2014

A photo tour of @GreekPeakResort #sponsored

Disclosure: I received complimentary recreation in exchange for promotion. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.

Earlier this month [January 2014], we took our children to Upstate New York for a long weekend. It was their first experience seeing snow and we had a blast.

While we decided to stay in Corning, NY, we were lucky enough to be able to have some great fun at Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland, NY. My husband had always wanted to go to Greek Peak as a kid, but never had the chance. This was a family vacation made for memories!

Greek Peak Mountain Resort was opened in 1957 and just recently underwent some renovations to update this amazing resort. We did not stay at the Hope Lake Lodge, which is across from the mountain, but the photos online provide us with a wonderful idea of how nice it its.

We were given the opportunity to Ski at the mountain. I did not feel comfortable sending the boys up the mountain and with only 1 day at Greek peak, we decided to forgo that activity. My Husband however, had skiing on the brain!

The boys and I spent most of our time at the Adventure Center. This area of the resort holds so much fun!
There was a rope climbing course, which was closed most likely due to the conditions. No rope walking in the snow ! We did go tubing, which seemed to be a favorite for all the boys. We loved the covered conveyor that took us up the hill to go tubing. I have no idea how many times the boys went down that hill.
I ended up going down backwards every time i got in the tube. How does that happen ?
The conveyor also took us up to the Zip line course.

Zip lining was awesome. Of course, had I wore glasses or goggles, I would have been able to see so much more. Luke and I went first. We suited up in the Adventure Center and received our instructions. We had to complete the test line just outside of the center before we headed up to the actual course. We decided not to do the full run. If only the 1 zip line run was breathtaking, I can only imagine how the amazing full course most of been. Hubby and Luke zip lined after [Lucky Luke went twice, I know].

We also hoped on the Nor'easter Mountain Coaster. It took a great deal of coercing to get CJ to agree to ride the coaster, but I promised I would go slow and he finally agreed. Anthony, Luke, and Hubby each went alone and I;m not sure they went slow. I did however have a small mishap on the coaster. I was taking off my glove and whoosh... it flew away! So my video was taken with a gloved hand on the brake and a freezing hand on my camera. I am grateful to the staff who retrieved it for me !!!

Greek Peak also boasts an Indoor Water Park, which we did not see. We decided would would like to go back again and stay at the mountain to experience so much more ..

Thank You to the Director of Marketing, Travis, for allowing my family of 5 to experience Greek Peak Mountain Resort !

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  1. Ive never heard of a place like this but I would love to go! So many fun activities. I personally like the zip like best.

  2. This place looks really amazing!
    I really want to go zip lining some day, so that just gives even more reason to visit someday!



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