Friday, January 10, 2014

CleanSmart Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer [Review] #alcohol-free #naturalHandSanitizer

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This cold and flu season has hit many hard. Washing our hands with soap and water is important to keep germs away, but what happens when you're on the road and no sink is in sight?

CleanSmart Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer to the rescue.
This alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, and  fragrance free product is Dermatologist and Pediatrician approved safe for the whole family.

CleanSmart is a breakthrough hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs without drying your hands.  It contains the same ingredient your body has always uses to fight germs – hypochlorous acid.  With simple and natural ingredients, CleanSmart replicates hypochlorous acid so you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to stay healthy this cold and flu season

We have been using it here at home and I know I'm going to jinx myself, but we have all been relatively healthy. My husband uses it at work and with every person bringing different germs to an office building, it's almost as germy a the elementary and preschool.

I also let my best friend try it. She's a Cardiac nurse and washes her hands frequently. She also has 2 little girls. The first thing she said when she used this product was, that it smelled like bleach. I suppose it does have a hint of bleach smell.

But this product does not dry our her hands, or her kids, or mine, or my family's. We know that our hands are as happy as they can be once we've used the CleanSmart Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, when we are out and about.

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  1. What a great product! Thank you for sharing about this.

  2. Our daughter has to use a lot of hand sanitizer as she is a cashier at a grocery store and is touching things all day long that other people have handled. I think she'd really like the spray version as sometimes I think she uses too much gel and ends up with a sloppy mess on her hands ;)

  3. this is great to hear I hate the way my hands feel if I over use santizer.

  4. ooh, I need some of this! My hands are always dried and crack from other sanitizers.. and I probably wouldn't have the flu right now! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have been looking for something like this! I really don't like using alcohol based sanitizer.


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