Friday, June 27, 2014

Quality Time - Being Mom vs Being a Blogger

My blog has been suffering.
I know this.
I have some reviews, I have a giveaway here and there, but yes, I am aware of my neglect.
My kids have complained already this summer that I am on the computer too much.
They want ME, not half of me, kind of listening because I'm trying to write or research.
SO I've stepped away from the computer. Not permanently [by any means] and I've tried to do things while my kids are at camp this week.
I don't want my kids growing up saying that I spent too much time on the electronics, when I'm always trying to get them off of their iPods or the Xbox.
I'm still here and still have great things coming.
On behalf of my boys and I, thank you for your patience. We are being kids this summer !!

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  1. I understand where you are coming from here! I feel like I tend to zone out and leave things behind when I concentrate too much on my blog too!


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